…and we’re back.

Well, it seems the world may have gone a little off track in my absence. Granted it wasn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies the last time this site saw daylight. If it were then the site would never have been created in the first place. Let’s try to catch up, shall we?
Let’s see, Japan was blown to hell, as was New Orleans, twice. We’re now in three wars, that we know of. The Democrats gained the House and then lost the House. The Tea Party “movement” started and initiated the destruction of the Republican party. The country fell into deep recession, started to recover and fell back in again. The right decided that compromise was a sign of weakness which has led to the end of any kind of functioning, forward thinking government. China owns even more of our country. A Beatle died and that little Bieber kid came around. What did I miss?
It hasn’t been all bad. We elected the first African American President, which shows we may not be as backwards thinking as I’ve feared. However, seeing a minority in power has clearly brought out the worst in us. I had the privilege of being at President Obama’s inauguration. An endless sea of people, so filled with hope and excitement, blind to the reality of the future. Maybe the man turned out to not be the strong leader we had imagined, maybe the other side has just lost too much touch with reality. Maybe a little of both. Either way, things haven’t gone the way that we had all hoped that day.

There will be plenty of time for over-analyzing later. For now, just a quick post to say I have brought Anger and Reason back. A little different, maybe a little less political this time around, but the soul of the site is the same, as well as the fingers on the keyboard.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
Welcome back to ANGERandReason.com